29th Street Dental Care: How do you secure dentures?


What can I do about a denture that is loose or what can I do to secure a a denture or dentures?

What we’re able to do with dental implants is we’re able to make dentures that snap in. They call them snap in dentures, and they’ll literally change your life.

If we’re able to place implants and a denture, then the denture will snap on and we can stop as much as 98-99% of the movement. So we can take a patient that’s not able to chew very well, turn it around, and they can eat just about anything they want to whether it’s salad, cucumbers, broccoli, the challenging foods they’re able to eat. So ask me about dental implants, ask me about dentures and how they work together. If you want something that never comes in and out, we have that option too, and it’s just as exciting.

Thank you.

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