29th Street Dental Care: Tip of the Week for Dental Anxiety


So many people today have modern to severe dental anxiety. If you think you fall within this category you’re certainly not alone and I want to give you some helpful tips on how to make your visit a comfortable and more pleasant one.

First, it’s best to discuss your anxiety with your dentist and ask lots of questions about your visit. To help you relax before your appointment work out relaxation exercises like taking deep slow breaths. Concentrate on relaxing your body one part at a time until you feel more relaxed all over. Bring something to hold to occupy your mind, could be as simple as clicking a pen or maybe listening to music with headphones. You can also work out a signal with your dentist in case you need to take a break or feel any discomfort.

Use some of these tips to help you enjoy your visit and to keep your mouth healthy. For KFOR’s Tip of the Week, I’m Dr. John Phillips.

Thank you!

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