29th Street Dental Care: Tip of the Week for Sedation Dentistry


A dental technique that’s been around for over 20 years but people still aren’t sure about is sedation dentistry. This is a great option for people that either have a dental anxiety or a very limited schedule for multiple dental visits.

For people with anxiety, sedation dentistry can make a visit so relaxing they’ll forget they even have any fear or anxiety. For the people that have a hectic personal schedule sedation is great because a patient doesn’t get tired, allowing the dentist to not only work faster but the dentist can also do the same amount of work in one sedation visit that may have taken multiple non-sedation appointments. Sedation dentistry can be a wonderful tool to make your visit to the dentist fast, easy and relaxing.

For KFOR’s dental tip of the week I’m Dr. John Phillips.

Thank you.

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