29th Street Dental Care: What’s the new patient experience like at 29th Street Dental Care?


Today we’re here talking about the new patient experience and I want you to know in each operatory our job it to make it as comfortable as possible and even our television is designed for comfort. We will allow you to watch television and watch movies while you’re here, but for the new patient experience, the thing I want you to know about is that every patient is different an you are Important to me.

One patient might come in and say, “Mom and Dad had dentures and I know I’m going to have dentures.” The next patient might come in and say, “My Mom and Dad had dentures and there’s no way I want dentures.” So everybody is different and I need to know what you’re thinking so I’m going to ask you lots of questions about your mouth, and about your goals for your mouth.

Now for some people this is a very, very scary room. I want you to know during the complete exam, there’ll be no poking, no prodding, non of that stuff. A lot of times, I’ll just take a mirror and look. With the different technologies we have, that’s plenty.

Everything is 3D, it’s digital and we can do a great, complete exam with out any of the scary stuff you’ve had in the past.

I look forward to meeting you. I look forward to visiting with you and coming up with a game plan that works just for you. My job is to treat you like family and to tell you exactly what I would do as if you were a family member and your job is to tell me what you want. I look forward to meeting you.

Thank you!

If you have any questions please give us call at 405-222-0222, we’d love to visit with you. Or, ask your question in the form below.

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