GSS – Automating your home with Total Connect

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Globelink Security protects and monitors your home and all of your home automation. Total Connect with Globelink Security is a great feature. Anywhere, anytime, any internet connection, and from your smartphone, you can log in to your home network and control any devices in your home. You can control your lights, locks, doors and thermostats.

Customers report all the time that by having the energy control with their smartphone, and the Globelinks Security Energy Management System that they can remotely turn the thermostat on or off saving them hundreds of dollars each month. We offer three different forms of security automation platforms.

The Globelinks Security Links 5100. It’s the most affordable on the market. It’s a wireless system that not only protects your home but controls your locks, lights, garage and thermostats. It will also control anything that you plug in.

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