GSS – Where can I find affordable video and camera security systems?

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A lot of viewers ask, “Where can I find affordable video and camera systems?” At Globelink Security our video service start at $9.99 a month. We have an affordable platform with our Globelink Security IP camera system. These systems store all your video in the cloud. It’s the fastest means to look at your video on your smartphone.

Law enforcements love our IP camera system because it gives what we call a verified response. Verified response means that we can verify that there is a burglar or criminal in your home. It can get a police officer to your home very fast. On the flip side, if it was a nuisance alarm or a false alarm, we know that there is no one there.

Our cameras are motion detected at Globelink Security. You will know exactly when your children are getting home. Lots of viewers compliment us, saying that you can look on your smartphone, watch the children come in, turn the alarm system on, then lock the door and get the video of it. You will always know who’s at your front door, whether it’s a salesman or a pizza man.

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