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“When it comes to home and business security, Globelink Security Services is where you want to be. We’re here with the founder, Bill Davey.” states KFOR interviewer, Ben Scott.

“It’s great to be here and I always love talking about Globelink Security”, replies Bill Davey.

“Your family has been selling and monitoring security for over 20 years, why are you guys so successful?” asks Ben. “We see the Globelink Security Systems signs all over town. It’s almost like the cool trend!”

Bill nods, “We think it is a cool trend and we believe in three things, and that’s people, product and our process. We have the most amazing team in the industry. In just my small team alone, we have 75 plus years experience and I’m very proud of what a great job they do.”

(Watch the video above for the full interview.)

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