Recently, several major manufacturers of hearing aids have released game-changing new products. From improving cognition to integrating features that make wearing devices seamless and convenient, hearing aids are more advanced and intuitive than ever! One such product is the Genesis AI by the American manufacturer, Starkey. Just released in March, the Genesis AI has already made a name for itself in the hearing aid market, showing much promise and raising the bar for the next generation of hearing aids.

The Genesis AI has been years in the making and is well worth the wait! The processing chip inside the Genesis AI is much faster, making for cleaner and more natural sounding hearing. The streaming quality is stronger, allowing for more seamless streaming with less disruptions. From longer battery life and increased durability to superior nano-coating that makes the hearing aid nearly waterproof, the Genesis AI boasts cutting edge technology around ever corner that makes wearing them a delightfully intuitive experience.

What’s more, Starkey has taken research on the correlation between hearing loss and cognitive decline and put it to incredible use in the Genesis AI. This new product features a new processing chip so fast that it adjusts and makes changes 80 million times every hour to maximize speech clarity, background noise and environmental changes! That is 25 million more times per hour than their previous technology! So, what does all of this have to do with cognition? Everything! Untreated hearing loss is connected to a five-fold increased risk for memory loss. With this in mind, Starkey engineered the Genesis AI to simulate the human brain to compensate for disparities created by hearing loss. By mimicking natural brain function, hearing discrepancies are better assisted, listening effort is reduced, and the effects of hearing loss are better counterbalanced. It is a domino effect; treating hearing loss leads to better brain health, and better brain health leads to better cognition.

With a faster processing chip, better stream quality, stronger battery life and improved durability, Starkey’s Genesis AI is blazing a trail for the future of hearing technology. By making millions of micro-adjustments ever hour, wearers can expect better environmental adaptability and cleaner, more natural sounding hearing all while reducing listening effort and helping the brain at the same time. If you or a loved one want more information about the Starkey Genesis AI or any other hearing aid products, visit our website here or call us and let our knowledgeable staff help you today!

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