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Welcome to our series, “Ask the Experts”, where Pro Hearing audiologists, Dr. Kela Miller and Dr. Pam Matthews, offer their expertise and insights on hearing and hearing loss. This month, we address hearing for the holidays! That time of year when we eat too much, open gifts, and gather to spend time with those we love. For many people, the holiday season is the most joyful time of the year, but for many, it is dreaded and difficult. For people struggling with untreated hearing loss, it is often isolating and frustrating. Imagine having to strain to hear anything, only get a portion of the words. Then imagine having to string together those select words enough to guess at what is being said. You would be constantly playing a game of “Wheel of Fortune” in your head, forever trying to fill in the blanks! Doesn’t that sound exhausting?

Hearing is an important part of human communication and interaction. It is no wonder then, that when diminished, hearing loss can cause a lack of energy, depression, isolation, anxiety, paranoia, and higher incidences of anger and frustration. The implications of hearing loss on the body go beyond mental and emotional health. Did you know that hearing loss also impacts physical and cognitive health? Among many health conditions correlated with hearing loss, perhaps the most significant is Alzheimer’s Disease and dementia, for which there is up to a five-fold risk.

Thankfully, there are hearing care professionals that can help like audiologists. Doctor of Audiology evaluate your hearing and offer customized solutions to fit your hearing needs. The most common solutions used in treating hearing loss are hearing aids and cochlear implants. Hearing technology today is highly advanced and capable of much more than you can imagine! Some hearing aids even are equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology! These solutions are scientifically proven to offset the negative effects of hearing loss and help improve quality of life, including enjoying holiday gatherings again.

What makes the holidays worth celebrating is the time we spend and enjoy with those we love. If there is someone in your family who is struggling with hearing loss, this year may be especially difficult given the circumstances of Covid-19. With isolation, depression and anxiety already heightened due to the pandemic, these effects are often magnified with the presence untreated hearing loss. Make sure you check in on them, support them and get them the hearing help they need this holiday season. For more information, check out our website at or call (405) 748-3600. Thank you!

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