In Oklahoma, the long-awaited relief from a notably hot summer is finally around the corner. Fall is beginning to swirl in the air as the leaves are beginning to slowly change. As it always does, Autumn will usher in the holiday season before we know it. With the holiday season comes more gatherings, meals, and outings than just about any other time of the year. What better time of year than the holidays to come together with one another? Holiday happenings, while joyful, can also trigger stress and anxiety, especially for those struggling with hearing loss. Many can manage when listening environments are not demanding but can feel overwhelmed and even isolated when there is an excess of background noise and too many voices present. In listening environments such as these, words may jumble together and make conversations particularly difficult to follow, leaving those struggling with hearing loss feeling as if they are in a perpetual game of mental “Wheel of Fortune.” Thankfully, there is hope for situations such as these with the successful treatment of hearing loss.

Hearing technology today is highly advanced and more seamless than ever. Rechargeability and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) are commonplace in most hearing aids. This means not only convenience, but the ability to track health, fitness and safety. Imagine a hearing device that can count steps, stream phone calls and media, and detect falls! There are even accessories that work in conjunction with hearing technology to further aid in complex listening environments such as personal mini microphones and table microphones that can help better accentuates voices, such as at a holiday diner table. If features weren’t enough, hearing devices are backed by extensive scientific research that definitively concludes that hearing technology can offset the negative affects associated with untreated hearing loss and can even increase quality of life, including enjoying those wonderful holiday gatherings again.

The audiologists at Pro Hearing, Dr. Pamela Matthews and Dr. Kela Miller, are highly accomplished with over 40 years combined years of experience successfully treating hearing loss. In their careers, they have worked in research and development, provided an array of services for children and adults, fit hearing aids and mapped cochlear implants. The expert providers at Pro Hearing provide patients with a variety of hearing services and work with patients to customize hearing solutions to individual needs.   Meaningful time spent together with loved ones that make the holidays special (the delicious food helps!). Don’t let hearing loss overwhelm and isolate you from holiday gatherings! If you or someone you love is struggling with hearing loss, our audiologists and our experienced team would be happy to be of assistance. It would be our pleasure to help give the gift of hearing this holiday season! For more information, please call 405-748-3600 or check out our website here

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