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PRO HEARING SPONSORED CONTENT – Hearing aids have often been associated with being old.

Case and point, picture your father’s hearing aids. They are bulky, ugly, squeal and don’t seem to offer much hearing help, right? Decades ago, while hearing aids used to make speech and background sounds louder, many wearers complained about the tinny sound quality and annoying whistling (or feedback). Wearers usually struggled to hear in any kid of background noise. Fortunately, with today’s hearing aid technology, these concerns are a thing of the past. Hearing aids now are smaller, sleeker, more efficient and more advanced. Moreover, research shows just how beneficial hearing aids are to the wearer! Along with more appealing looks and features, hearing aids help to exercise the brain, aid cognition, and help preserve hearing longer.

In the last few years, hearing aid manufacturers have hit their stride in technological advances. One such brand, and our Pro Hearing fan favorite, is Starkey. In the last few years, Starkey has broken the mold by entering the health arena with their “health-able” hearing technology. Inspired by research that shows hearing aids can help brain elasticity, support cognitive function and preserve hearing, Starkey set out to create the world’s first health-conscious hearing aid. Equipped with Bluetooth, apps, and embedded sensors, Starkey’s hearing devices can pick up data from your body and communicate it to iPhone and Android phones. Even the entry level devices can count steps and measure communication engagement to encourage better health and hearing. What’s more, Starkey’s top-of-the-line Livio AI Edge 2400 has additional sensors that can detect falls and send an alert message to a loved one, which can be life saving! These “health-able” features make these devices so much more than just a hearing aid. These are not your father’s hearing aids!

In addition to the health-able aspects, the Starkey Livio line is equipped with other advanced features that make listening easier and more convenient. For instance, multi-directional microphones and quick sound processing result in outstanding sound quality, especially in background noise. Speech understanding can even be enhanced to better serve patients in nosy environments; and all of this can be done without all the pesky whistling! Additionally, the higher-level (premium) devices have superb noise and wind reduction, which in Oklahoma is a must-have feature! The Livio also incorporates numerous convenient elements such as phone and media streaming capabilities, Google translator, Alexa assistant, voice reminders, a “find my hearing aid” function, and a self-check function. For even more convenience, hearing aids can even be rechargeable. No more tiny batteries to change!

Lastly, Starkey has been on the forefront of development in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. For instance, for wearers who are unable or not ready to see their provider in person yet, certain Starkey models include a remote programming feature. This allows patients the option of having their hearing aids adjusted by a professional in the comfort and safety of their own home. All a patient needs to do is email a programming request to their audiologist, and their audiologist will adjust the programs as needed and send it directly to the patient’s hearing aids. This can be done as many times as a patient requests. Additionally, Starkey has created a “mask mode” that can help mitigate voice muffling that often happens when a speaker is masked. This mode has been a game changer for many of our patients and has helped make communicating in masks less burdensome.

The days of bulky, ugly, whistling hearing aids are over. With technological advancements and new features, bundled with the fact that most people are running around with Bluetooth earpieces, the stigma of wearing a hearing aid can be put to rest. With manufacturers like Starkey, hearing devices can be so much more than a just hearing aid. They can also double as your Bluetooth, step counter, fall detector, language translator, and more! It is important to note that hearing aids are not one size fits all. There is not one make and model that suits all patients. Your hearing needs are as unique as you are! If you or a loved one are experiencing hearing loss, call Pro Hearing a call today and let us help you find a customizable hearing solution to suit your individual hearing needs! We promise to outshine your father’s hearing aids!

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