We live in a noisy world where we encounter many kinds of sounds on a daily basis. Louder environmental sounds like aircraft engine noise, loud music, motorcycle engines, gun fire and many more are very dangerous to hearing. In fact, noise exposure in general is one of the most common causes of hearing loss. For this reason, it is important to take precautions to protect hearing to prevent gradual or instant hearing loss.

Just because hearing loss is not noticed right away doesn’t mean that long term damage hasn’t been done prior to perceiving hearing loss. The inner ear contains miniscule hair cells that essentially convert sound into electrical signals for the brain to decode. It is the job of these hair cells to be sensitive to sound, so when the volume of a noise is too loud, the hair cells can be damaged or die. The results of this hearing loss (accrued or instant depending on the exposure) and potentially tinnitus (or ringing in the ear).

The best precaution against the potential damage of loud noise exposure is by simply wearing ear protection. Ear protection comes in many forms from over-the-counter foam plugs, to headphones, to custom made noise blockers and musician’s earplugs. Additionally, the most cutting-edge hearing protection today is made by Starkey Labs. As a distributor of Starkey products, Pro Hearing is excited to offer the latest hearing protection device called the Phantom. The Phantom is the first custom built, rechargeable and Bluetooth equipped hearing protection option on the market. It offers protection without compromising conversation and natural sounds. It is engineered to filter loud sounds, noisy environments, and gun noise while still enhancing hearing to maximize communication and safety, all with the added convenience of streaming phone calls.

As professionals dedicated to serving those with hearing loss, we would be remiss if we did not also educate and offer options for hearing protection. We live in a noisy world and being proactive about ear protection is the best defense against noise exposure and noise induced hearing loss. If you are a loved one are concerned about noise exposure, would like to discuss options to protect your hearing, or are struggling with hearing loss, please call us today!

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