Do you have a young family member who is an upcoming future weathercaster? If so, your child could be seen on TV as a Junior Meteorologist!

How to enter? Take a photo or video of your child (ages 5- 12) doing a weather forecast like they were on TV. An example for a video would be to have your child hold a hand drawn picture of rain falling while they’re pointing to the sky saying, “Today’s forecast shows we’re expecting rain”. An example of a photo would be to have your child pointing to a tree with branches blowing in the wind while they hold a hand drawn picture that says, “Strong winds and high allergy alert are in today’s forecast.” Be creative and have fun! If you’re submitting a photo, please submit at least two photos. If you’re submitting a video, please make sure it’s no longer than 30 seconds.

KFOR / KAUT will broadcast one weekly photo or video during the morning news on Thursday mornings starting in March.

Click below to submit your child’s photo or video to enter the KFOR / KAUT Junior Meteorologist sponsored by Maupin Roofing & Construction.

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