From little league to all American, sports come with the potential for injuries. Just Kids Pediatrics get questions from parents often on how to keep their children safe while playing. Here are the tips they share:

Sports physical

Most organized sports require a sports physical for eligibility. Just Kids Pediatrics suggests that parents avoid sending their children for physicals at their schools, and instead recommend bringing their children to the doctor for the exam. Patients benefit from being examined by a physician that knows their medical history.

Keep the coach informed

Before your child plays, be sure that their emergency contact information is on file, and notify the coach of any medical restrictions your child has.

Get the right gear

Sports gear can be expensive, but the price is well worth it. All athletes need to have the protective equipment that can shield them from being injured. Just Kids Pediatrics also reminds parents to check to ensure that the gear fits appropriately, as ill-fitting gear can be a cause for injury.

Stay healthy

Staying active alone isn’t enough to keep your child healthy. Just Kids Pediatrics also recommends that athletes follow a well-balanced diet and get adequate sleep.

Drink lots of water

Sports drinks can be sugary, and while they’re not all bad, it’s also good to drink water. Keep your child hydrated between each play.


Kids are full of energy and are usually ready to start playing right away. To prevent injuries and keep your child safe, take a moment to make sure they slow down and stretch. Most teams have a warm-up routine that they complete together, but if not, parents can create their own.


In the event of a medical emergency, it’s good to have a parent or coach around that knows CPR. Just Kids Pediatrics recommends parents find their child a coach that is CPR certified.

Being a primary and urgent care facility, parents can bring their children to Just Kids Pediatrics if they incur a sports injury. Whether it’s the evening or weekend, patients can see the same family of doctors that know their medical history. Just Kids Pediatrics is designed to handle minor conditions and more serious ones such as broken bones. With an in-house X-ray machine and lab testing, patients can get all the necessary treatment to care for their injuries all in one place.

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