Between general curiosity and trial and error, kids are prone to finding themselves in trouble. Full-service primary and urgent care facility, Just Kids Pediatrics, shares general safety tips with their patient families to keep them out of trouble. Just Kids Pediatrics makes it a priority to ensure their nurses and providers have the training and knowledge to handle almost any problem. Here are the tips they say keep their patients healthy.

Bug Safety Tips

To avoid bug bites and stings, wear protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks – especially at night. They suggest it’s also important to avoid bright or floral clothes and bring bug repellent when you are outdoors for an extended period of time.

Car Seat Safety Tips

As a certified child passenger safety technician, Just Kids Pediatrics’ lead nurse at their Moore clinic, says she often finds many parents are securing their child’s car seat improperly, and do not even realize it. Click here to view Just Kids Pediatrics’ car seat safety tutorial and learn how to install your child’s car seat correctly.

Immunization & Vaccination Tips

To ensure the safety of your children and the people around them, providers recommend keeping your child current on all of their immunization and vaccinations. Medical professionals have seen different disease outbreaks resurface in recent years due to the lack of vaccines in children such as measles, mumps, and polio.

Sanitization Tips

Kids touch everything, and usually, their hands end up in their mouths at some point throughout the day. Children are exposed to common colds, strep, and other illnesses, which is why parents should teach their children to wash their hands regularly. Any activities that could spread germs, such as eating, playing with friends, coughing, and sneezing, should be surrounded by hand washing. Just Kids Pediatrics says while sharing is generally celebrated, parents must educate their children on when it’s appropriate. Sharing food and chapstick is not recommended.

CPR Tips

In the event an incident does occur, Just Kids Pediatrics recommends parents are CPR certified. Parents should also hold such standards to any caregiver their child is alone with for extended periods of time.

Heat Stress Tips

With hot Oklahoma summers, temperatures reach incredibly high levels. Just Kids Pediatrics says the best practices for heat safety to prevent heat stress are to ensure your children stay hydrated. “ Never, ever leave children in the car. Leave your bag, phone, or shoes in the back seat to remind you to check in the back seat before you leave your car. Lock your car doors when parked so children cannot get in without supervision,” says providers.

Playground Safety Tips

It’s suggested to ensure your children never go barefoot on the playground and to test the temperature of slides and other surfaces for coolness to prevent children from being burned.

To keep their families protected, parents can schedule an appointment to consult with a provider by visiting, or one of their four locations in Moore, South OKC, North OKC, and Mustang. Parents can also follow Just Kids Pediatrics on Facebook at justkidspeds for more tips.