A pergola can turn your backyard into the beautiful outdoor hangout area of your dreams! A pergola can be a big addition, which is why you should take time to understand all the benefits a pergola can have on your home and life. Check out Next Level Pergola’s top 5 benefits of adding a pergola to your home:


Adding a quality pergola to your home can add value to your home! There are many factors that determine the value that a pergola can add, such as location of home, quality of pergola, size and design. With all these things in mind, we recommend doing your research on styles of pergolas that would be perfect for your home and area.


Oklahoma weather is constantly changing, but that should not prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space. With a pergola, you can offer your patio some much needed protection from the elements! By adding a cover or canopy to your pergola, you never have to worry about missing a day on the patio due to spring rain. Here at Next Level Pergolas, we even guarantee your pergola can withstand up to 160 MPH wind!


Entertaining has never been easier with a pergola! Adding a pergola to your home can create a beautiful and welcoming environment, adding something to your typical backyard parties. With the shade and protection that a pergola can provide, there really is not an excuse for postponing that backyard party you have been planning all summer!


A pergola can add dimension to your backyard. Pergolas come in many different designs and styles and there is a pergola for every house and backyard look. Aside from the typical, patio pergola, you can also use the structure as a connection onto gazebos or verandas! How do you decide which style, design, and color will be the best for you? We recommend reaching out to a professional and asking for them to sit down and discuss what elements of a pergola that your backyard specifically needs. After the pergola is in place, do not be afraid to show off your personal style through furniture, décor and landscaping.


Pergolas do not have to be cheap, factory produced wood. There are eco-friendly options for sprucing up your backyard! At Next Level Pergolas, we source all our wood from trees right here in Oklahoma and mill it ourselves in El Reno, Oklahoma, no factories involved!

Whether you are looking to add home value or just wanting a space to entertain guests, adding a pergola could be the right move for you and your home. Contact Next Level Pergolas to speak with a professional about your prefect pergola.

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