Looking to install a custom pergola into your backyard? You might not realize that with a custom pergola, not only can you choose the perfect size, shape and color, but you also have the option of adding all the little details that you and your family could need! With a one-stop-shop like Next Level Pergolas, you have the option of including all the accessories you could want or need in your pergola pricing!

Let’s take a look at a few accessories to add to your dream pergola:

  1.   Privacy Fence:

Extra Privacy in your backyard is a huge draw for many people to install a pergola. Adding a privacy fence that matches your pergola is a perfect way to gain your piece of mind and still creative a beautiful structure. Depending on the location of your privacy fence, many people have also chosen to create a custom door for the wall.

  1.   Custom Furniture:

After installing a beautiful pergola, it is up to you to creative a cohesive, attractive space! A lot of times, this is done in the form of furniture and décor. From bench swings, built in tables and TV cabinets, there are many options to match the décor inside the pergola to the outside of the pergola. Custom furniture that matches your pergola makes it easy to bring your backyard vision to life!

3. Accessibility:

All your visitors should be able to enjoy your backyard area, which is why you should think about adding a wheelchair accessible ramp or stairs to your deck. Adding stairs or a wheelchair ramp in the same wood style as your pergola can bring a cohesiveness to your structure.

All these accessories are woodworking options that can compliment your custom pergola, but don’t forget to ask about the options outside of woodworking, such as: mounted ceiling fans, TV mounts, lights and stereo systems! Reach out to an expert to learn more about the different options you can use to customize your space.

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