Build Your Pergola with Winter in Mind:

Oklahoma winter can be unpredictable and if you want to enjoy your pergola in the winter, you should include winter protection when customizing your outdoor build. Adding a wall to your pergola to block wind can minimize your chill and keep the space usable during winter months. Different pergola roofs can be utilized to act as protection against the elements. Depending on the location of your pergola, you may be able to utilize the location of the pergola or the roof of the structure for protection against rain, sleet and snow.

Create a Comfortable Experience:

Adding a heat source to your outdoor space can make your pergola more comfortable for you and your guests during the winter. Adding a portable heater or a firepit can be an easy, low-cost solution to winterizing your pergola. If you have not designed or built your pergola yet, you may look into leaving design space open for a heat source! Talk to an expert about safely including heat into your outdoor paradise.

Update Your Pergola for Year-Round Enjoyment:

If you are like many Oklahomans, your backyard might not see guests from November – April. Updating your pergola for winter is an important step in making your backyard space accessible outside of the summer months, but you should also be considering the spring weather in your update. Adding privacy walls and a covered roof are design elements that can protect you from the elements year-round, especially the Oklahoma rain and wind that we can get during the spring!

Talk to an expert at Next Level Pergolas and learn how you can design a pergola that you and your family can enjoy all year long.

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