With so many ways to transform a backyard, finding a structure that fits your space perfectly is essential. To creative the perfect backyard experience, you should know the differences between very similar structures, such as a pergola and a pavilion.

Pergolas and pavilions are similar in so many ways, both offering a comfortable and beautiful outdoor experience. These structures can be free standing or (after consulting an expert) attached to your house! Both structures can be customized through style and design to fit your needs and space perfectly, adding some value to your home along the way!

When deciding between a pergola and pavilion, the biggest factor that you need to take into consideration is what type of roof you would like your structure to have. Pergolas typically have slats in the roof to let in natural light, which is perfect if you are looking to create a relaxing outdoor space that still allows the sun to shine down on you! A pavilion typically has a closed roof, providing more coverage from the elements and a great, covered space for lounging, picnicking, or grilling! It is easiest to think of a pavilion as a room with a roof and no walls, and a pergola as a room with minimal overhead coverage and no walls.

With the amount of coverage a pavilion can give, this might be the better option if you are looking to install an outdoor kitchen, fireplace or needing full protection from the sun. A pergola might be a better option if you are wanting a structure that can provide partial shelter, but still allows enough sunlight for plants, flowers and relaxation in the sun.

Both structures have their own benefits, and we recommend reaching out to an expert for their opinion on which structure would be best for your backyard space! Contact Next Level Pergolas to speak with a professional about your prefect pergola or pavilion.

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