Precure Nursery – Garden Preparation


It is the time of year where we want to talk about garden prep! For all your landscaping needs – what Precure Nursery and Garden Center recommends is – COMPOST – COMPOST – COMPOST – COMPOST! You can never get enough compost with these Oklahoma, tight, red clay soils! The compost will help break down the clay soils and help produce better annual color bed, plant growth and vegetables! It will take some manual labor – you’ll need to get in there trim, cut back, loosen the soil, add the compost and fertilizer! Once you do that – get ready for a happy growing season!

Precure Nursery and Garden Center is ready to help you prep your garden beds! Come in and see us at 8125 W Reno Avenue to help make your landscape dreams a reality!

This content sponsored by Precure Nursery and Garden Center.


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