The better care we take of our health and wellness, the higher the chances are of having a longer and healthier quality of life. Simply put, our health is an investment. This is just as true for hearing health as it is for any other part of the body. From enhanced communication and less social isolation to decreased fall risks and protection against cognitive decline, the benefits of treating hearing loss are extensive. While it is immensely important, many people go without being treated. One of the most reported reasons for this is due to cost concerns. Fortunately, price points vary considerably based on the level of technology. Additionally, insurance companies are now offering hearing health benefits more than ever, lowering the initial financial investment and making hearing instruments more affordable.

Insurance companies typically handle hearing care benefits two ways, either through discount programs or monetary benefits. Insurances covering state and federal employees typically offer monetary benefits, allocating a set amount of funds toward the purchase of hearing devices. This being said, monetary allowances, whether based on a percentage rate or specific amount, are not limited to government employees; this is just typically where it is seen the most frequently. More commonly, insurances have gone to the discount program model where they offer discounted rates on name brand hearing devices. These programs partner with hearing care professionals (like Pro Hearing) to facilitate testing, fitting and service. These benefits are usually available through Medicare Advantage plans. Many people with Medicare supplement plans assume their insurance won’t cover hearing aids. This is generally true of the Medicare gap plans such as F, G and N. However, Advantage plans typically do have add on benefits for hearing aids offered through discount programs. Please note that due to the variation in Medigap plans, it is important to check with your insurance provider to verify your specific plan coverage.

At Pro Hearing, we are proud to offer a wide range of technology that can fit almost any budget. The audiologists at Pro Hearing are partnered with a many of the insurance discount plans and would be thrilled to serve your hearing needs! We also offer a full array of solutions with different price points for those without hearing insurance benefits.

It is no secret that hearing aids are a financial investment. Whether you pay the normal retail price for hearing devices (which comes with service perks not included with discounted insurance purchases) or use insurance coverage to help offset the initial cost, you are making a wonderful investment in your communication, quality of life, and brain health! Call us today and let our dedicated staff serve you on your journey to better hearing! Call us today!

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