Patient success with hearing devices depends on many factors, but perhaps the important factor is the quality of the audiologist or hearing care provider seen. Over the years, studies have shown that the time a patient spends with a provider being educated, setting realistic expectations, and getting proper programming and check ups will ultimately determine a patient’s satisfaction and success with hearing devices. While hearing aids alone have many remarkable features, capabilities, and wellness benefits, they must be adjusted and fit by a provider who thoroughly understands the technology and each patient’s specific hearing needs to achieve maximum benefit. With so much to gain from these remarkable devices, it is wise for patients to see a trusted hearing care provider such as a doctor of audiology.

Did you know that hearing aids help to exercise the brain, aid cognition, and help preserve hearing longer? There is a library of extensive research that definitively shows that aiding hearing loss has a positive effect on overall wellness and cognition, namely memory loss. Due to these discoveries in the last few years, hearing aid manufacturers have hit their stride in technological advances by integrating health features into their hearing devices. Inspired by research that shows hearing aids can help brain elasticity, support cognitive function, and preserve hearing, manufacturers such as Starkey have created hearing devices that can pick up data from one’s body through embedded sensors and communicate it to one’s iPhone and Android via Bluetooth. This includes streaming, step and heart rate tracking, brain engagement, as well as fall detection. Manufacturers, like Starkey, have partnered with hearing care providers across the nation to ensure they are well equipped to fit and support patients as they utilize these features.

With so many options on the market today, it might feel overwhelming trying to navigate solutions for hearing loss. That is why at Pro Hearing, our audiologists walk along side patients as they choose hearing technology that best suit their individual hearing needs, lifestyle, and budget. We strive to deliver the highest level of satisfaction by considering overall health, wellness, and lifestyle. We believe in approaching patient care comprehensively and educationally to ensure that our patients feel informed when making decisions about their hearing. We now know that hearing aids help with so much more than hearing! They increase overall wellness and keep the brain elastic to support memory functions. That is why choosing a qualified, experienced, and compassionate audiologist/provider is paramount to the success of any hearing device wearer. The audiologists at Pro Hearing are knowledgeable and can help ease the stress of navigating the hearing aid market, find hearing solutions that fit individual needs, and properly fit devices so patients experience maximum benefit! We take great delight in helping improve lives through better hearing. It would be our pleasure to partner with you (or your loved one) on your journey toward better hearing. Call us today and experience the Pro Hearing difference!

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