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POTTAWATOMIE COUNTY, Okla. (KFOR) – We all know someone who loves their job, and William Wheeler is an investigator with a passion for serving his community.

Wheeler is an investigator for the District 23 Drug Task Force in Pottawatomie County.

“There’s all kinds of dangers with our job. We understand though with the oath we take, we took, that, you know, every day that we leave our families, there’s a chance that we’re not going to return that day,” he said.

However, he finds his law enforcement work very rewarding despite the dangers.

Once, he even saved a little boy who was choking on a quarter when he was a sheriff’s deputy.

“The best part, the gratification on peoples’ faces when we go out and help them,” he said.

Wheeler also helps other officers coping with the stresses of a dangerous job.

“He’s a very dedicated, very skilled narcotics investigator. He comes to work everyday with the drive of two or three people, and is absolutely focused on making the community he works for a better place,” said Wolfgang Hinker, District 23 Task Force Commander.

Wheeler says the best part of his job is being able to help others.

“You know, the community’s response when we go and take a drug house down or something like that. They shake our hands and thank us for getting those people out of their neighborhood. So that makes it worthwhile,” he said.

Quail Creek Bank and KFOR wanted to honor Wheeler for all he does for the community with the ‘Proud to Serve’ award and $500.

“He puts his life on the line every day and has for years, and his family does too. We want to recognize people who do that for us. It’s important,” said Erin Batey, director of marketing at Quail Creek Bank.

If you know a first responder worthy of recognition, nominate them here.

‘Proud to Serve’ is sponsored by Quail Creek Bank.