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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — There are dogs that are highly trained and they are proudly part of the Oklahoma City Police Department.

These canines are intelligent and invaluable to their human partners.

Master Sergeant Scott Nelson loves working with his dog, Joker.

“His name fits his personality. He’s pretty active, he’s very sociable dog and he loves to play,” said Master Sgt. Scott Nelson, OKCPD.

These specially trained dogs are special and used for many important jobs.

The Oklahoma City Police Department K9 Unit consists of 9 teams. They are a force multiplier and with their training of scent and smell. They can locate whether its narcotics, explosives, articles, or even people when need be,” said Lt. Mike Green, OKCPD. “They are 100%, in my opinion, police officers in this department. And they’re also family. These dogs go home every day with their handlers, and they are part of their family.”

When it is time for the dogs to retire from service, they go live with their human police handler. The bond between the two officers is strong and the dogs become part of the family.

The bond is an extremely, extremely important process. You have to trust these dogs with your life, and they have to trust you with theirs. So, without that bond, we have nothing,” said Nelson

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