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NICHOLS HILLS, Okla. (KFOR) – Police officers are often the eyes and ears of the community.

When you have officers like Corporal Brandon Edwards, with the Nichols Hills Police Department, you know you’re in safe hands.

“Corporal Edwards is absolutely one of our best officers. He’s the type of officer that doesn’t just come out to work to take the paycheck. He’s the officer that comes to work to do the job that he signed up to do that he swore to do, and that he does every day,” said Nichols Hills Police Chief Steven Cox.

Recently, a call came in about a suspected burglary and Cpl. Edwards raced to the scene.

“I was just a couple of blocks away. I saw a vehicle coming towards me that I knew they had a similar vehicle. Using our tag reader system that we have as I passed that vehicle, I quickly ran the tag on it and saw that it came back to that address.  I knew that that car came from that house. So I turned around real fast, was able to catch up to it pretty quickly. Initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle pulled right over. The gentleman who was driving it was obviously not the one who was supposed to be driving it. He had warrants for other reasons and he was placed under arrest,” said Cpl. Edwards.

Edwards’ awareness and intuition told him something was off.

“The equipment doesn’t solve the crime. The human solves the crime, absolutely,” said Chief Cox.

KFOR and Quail Creek Bank is proud to recognize Cpl. Edwards for his commitment to the community.

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