Oklahoma City lieutenant goes above and beyond to help kids in the community

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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A deserving Oklahoma City lieutenant who loves his job and goes above and beyond to help guide young adults is being honored for his hard work.

Lt. Wayland Cubit, with the Oklahoma City Police Department, knows that it’s an important job with many responsibilities. When the day is done, he says officers are still out there influencing and helping our community.

“If you were to ask any police officer here at the Oklahoma City Police Department what they do in their spare time, it is, in some form or fashion, giving back to our community. It’s more than just the badge and the gun they wear. But they’re actually people that are invested physically, emotionally and spiritually to our community,” said Lt. Cubit.

At the same time, Cubit’s coworkers say he is doing something very special.

“It’s not just coming to work, doing a job and going home. He’s invested throughout the community, and throughout the Monday through Friday work schedule. He does things on the weekends. He does things in the evenings. And so it’s really, again, taking that interest in the youth of this community and making a difference as they grow up,” said Chief Wade Gourley, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

Allegiance Credit Union says it is honored to recognize Lt. Cubit for all he does to help our community with the ‘Proud to Serve’ award.

“His involvement with our youth is not just lip service. He really believes this, to the point that he even had a young person move in with his family,” said Amy Downs, president and CEO of Allegiance Credit Union.

Oklahoma City Councilwoman Nikki Nice says Lt. Cubit is a true role model for many in the community.

“He always includes everyone in the process and I’ve seen him handle and talk to young people and be emotional about how he feels about their future. And even the conversations I’ve had with him personally have been encouraging to my life,” said Nice.

Two of Lt. Cubit’s young proteges can’t say enough about his mentorship.

“I think he’s fantastic and very down to earth and helps out a lot with our club. He’s just been tremendous,” said Kel Pinkston.

“I feel like it really is just a good idea to have more people like that in our world,” said Cameron Pledger.

Lt. Wayland Cubit is recognized for shaping lives and our community for a better future.

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