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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – They are like action heroes, always ready to answer the call at a moment’s notice.

Fire Station 6 in Bricktown is a busy place.

The firefighters here are very well-trained and versatile and they do a lot more than put out fires.

“Here at Fire Station 6 were also the technical rescue operation. So in addition, everyone in the city is trained up for emergency medical and fire alarms,” said Oklahoma City Fire Cpl. Steve Sturgeon. “But in addition, we run on confined space rescues, structural collapse, swift water. We run on trench rescue, rope rescue and we’re part of a task force that has K-9 search dogs. We have a helicopter search and rescue team that partners with the Oklahoma Air National Guard. So, we are very versatile.”

Every day is different and anything can happen.

“Every shift, it’s never the same. You go in every single day. There’s no telling what might get thrown on you. So, you might run a fire alarm to somebody stuck in a storm drain to a cradle swinging from the top of the Devon Tower. So, you are always constantly thinking and throwing new things at you. So, you gotta’ stay sharp because you never know. Some stuff we can’t even train for,” he said.

Fire Station 6 also has a rich history.

In fact, part of Fire Station 6 includes an Oklahoma City firefighters museum.

Third generation firefighter A.J Davis loves to share his knowledge of Oklahoma City’s firefighting past.

“One big, unique piece of this museum is our 1910 American LaFrance engine. It was the first mechanized equipment purchased by the city of Oklahoma City for the fire department. Everything else before this was horse drawn. So, this is an old engine and it still runs and drives. We use it in parades when the city asks us to and do all we can for the city and utilize this equipment that they let us have,” Davis said.

Quail Creek Bank, the sponsor of Proud to Serve, is honored to recognize Fire Station 6 for their important role in the community.

Quail Creek Bank made a donation that will go to a cause close to the hearts of those at Fire Station 6.

We recently lost two firefighters that were special to this station. And we plan to donate to their families and their children so they can hopefully use for college funds.”

If you know first responders who deserve a little recognition, nominate them here.

Proud to Serve is sponsored by Quail Creek Bank.