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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – An Oklahoma trooper who worked to rescue a dog in danger has been honored for his actions.

This past summer, KFOR told you about an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper who took the extra time to rescue a dog along a busy highway.

Troopers do a great job helping drivers on busy highways and roads, often in dangerous conditions.

Sometimes, state troopers are there to help our four-legged friends.

In July, Trooper Matthew Krupczyk showed up to help this high energy husky, Maverick.

“I got the call of a canine stuck on the side of the highway. I peeked underneath the semi-truck, under the trailer and he was tucked under there. Anytime anyone reached toward him, he’d start crying and yelping. So, I just crawled under there, started petting him and then slowly he started to try and get up and he came out with me. He jumped right into my patrol car,” said Krupczyk.

Trooper Krupczyk shared pictures of the husky to coworkers and it turns out, one of the dispatchers decided she had to have him.

“I fell in love with him immediately. And when I came in, he was sleeping and not feeling so good. And I wanted to take him home even more. But he’s just so loving and so happy all the time,” said Caitlin Hulin, who adopted Maverick.

Dogs bring immeasurable joy to our lives and thanks to a compassionate state trooper, Maverick gets to share his loving nature with others.

Quail Creek Bank and KFOR are proud to recognize Trooper Krupczyk for helping rescue Maverick.

“In honor of you saving Maverick, we are making this donation on your behalf to the Oklahoma Humane Society for $500 for Quail Creek Bank,” said Erin Batey, with Quail Creek Bank.

“What a great, great story. We love our people, but we love our pets too. Those furry, four-legged friends of ours, so many of us worry about them and what a neat story that he took the time to coax the dog out of a difficult situation and get him to trust enough to get him off the highway,” she added.

Trooper Krupczyk has his own dogs and loves to spend time with them, but he’ll never be far from Maverick.

Krupczyk is ready to help anyone or any animal, and is always proud to serve.

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