OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – He devoted decades of his life protecting Oklahomans, and he is now one of Oklahoma’s oldest retired firefighters.

Meet 95-year-old LeeRoy Harding, who is affectionately referred to as Spud.

“I was cleaning up and all three tables had a bowl of mashed potatoes left on it. and I ate it. Andy hollered at me he said, ‘Hey Spud.’ And that stayed with me,” Harding said.

He’s seen a lot in his lifetime. He served in the Oklahoma City Fire Department for 20 years and then spent another 20 working for Oklahoma County.

He loved working at Fire Station 6 back in the day. He’s slowed down some, but still keeps on going.

“He doesn’t consider himself a hero. He just did what was the right thing to do all his life, for the most part. Yeah, but to me, he’s a hero. Sure,” said Ruth Stapp, Harding’s daughter.

For all of his years of service, Quail Creek Bank and KFOR honored Harding with the ‘Proud to Serve’ award.

“He’s a great guy. He’s been around the community and served for 40 plus years in different roles within the community and a role model for our family. And we also like those that have come after him and want to thank Oklahoma City Fire Department,” said Mike Sanders, Harding’s son-in-law.

“He did his tenure, did his 20-year service. And he’s still healthy. He’s still surviving, still telling stories. It’s just great. It’s great for us to see these retirees still around and obviously still loving the fire department,” said Capt. Scott Douglas, with the Oklahoma City Fire Department.