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OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Law enforcement officers are trained to do many things.

At the OU Health Sciences Center, Capt. Dalton Jackson is there to make sure everyone on campus is safe. He also has the crucial role of monitoring the threat of severe weather.

“In regards to severe weather, I do monitor severe weather here on campus. Incoming threats whether it’s tornadoes, ice storms, winter weather, severe storms. I use that information and push it out to campus partners and our staff, students, and faculty on campus. Keep them abreast of what’s going on so that they can make smart decisions regarding severe weather,” said Capt. Jackson.

Chief Nate Tarver, of the OUHSC Police, says Capt. Jackson is always focused on everyone’s safety.

“He instructs classes for various entities here on campus, and like I said, he’s just always here. And when the weather is bad, he’s here paying attention to what’s going on and keeping the campus well informed,” said Chief Tarver.

Quail Creek Bank and KFOR are honored to recognize Capt. Jackson and his devotion to his job with the ‘Proud to Serve award.’

“What I like most about my job is helping people. I’ll get feedback from individuals years down the road or maybe days later, some of the seminars that they may have attended that I posted, or training we conducted at the Health Science Center. And they come back and say later that, ‘The training you provided helped save my life or the life of my family members,’ so I enjoy doing that,” said Capt. Jackson.

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