OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) — 911 call: “Oklahoma City 911.”

911 Call: “We have a semi turned over and it’s hanging over an overpass!”

A semi truck crashed over the elevated portion of I-44 and Penn back in May. The cab with the driver and his young song were trapped inside.

To make matters worse they were dangling over the edge of the highway.

911 Call: “The fire department needs to get here shortly because there’s diesel everywhere.”

And that is when the crew from Fire Station 11 and other first responders went to work.

“What can I do right now to help those people in that truck?,” said Kaleb Morgan

The firefighters arrived on the scene with a ladder truck.

“We set up to run our boom off of the driver’s side of the truck and get it placed underneath the window so that they could step right out. And we get a system down the ladder,” said Lieutenant Chase Craig, Oklahoma City Fire Department Station 11.

The crew was working fast to free them from the stuck truck.

“He grabbed the kid and he turned around and gave him to me. And I grabbed the kid and I kind of tried to sit him on my lap and have him in front of me at all times. So I always had my arm around him as we just scooted slowly down safely,” said Kaleb Morgan, Firefighter, Oklahoma City Fire Department Station 11.

These well-trained Oklahoma City Firefighters prepare for just about any type of emergency, even if that means going over a 20 feet into the air to save lives.

“No injuries. And everybody was okay. So, they were very lucky,” said Lt. Chase Craig.

The rescue was a success and because of the tremendous work by Fire Station 11 and other OKC firefighters and first responders, Quail Creek Bank and News 4 are proud to recognize them for a job well done.

“Lt. Craig, Quail Creek Bank and Channel 4 are proud to recognize you and Engine 11 for the wonderful efforts and rescue back in May of this year. Thank you for your service,” said Erin Batey, Chief Communications & Innovation Officer, Quail Creek Bank. “We’re also proud to present you with this five hundred dollar check made payable to C E W P.”

Fire Station 11 is also generous and have a good plan on how to use the $500 dollars from Quail Creek Bank.

“That program that we have “Care Enough to Wear Pink” supports our members who may be battling breast cancer themselves or their spouse may be battling breast cancer. So. you’ll see firefighters in the month of October will be wearing special shirts that have breast cancer awareness design of some sort on them,” said Major John Craig, Oklahoma City Fire Department Station 11.

Proud to Serve is sponsored by Quail Creek Bank