Proud to Serve: Oklahoma paramedic with a big heart

Proud to Serve

OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – Violet Lively is a paramedic in Oklahoma City and her job is saving lives.

She is active in her church and volunteered to help build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Violet loves being a paramedic. She chose the professions because of her younger sister.

“ So my sister is actually the reason I decided to get into medicine. She was born when I was about 10 years old, and she had some birth defects she was born with Spina bifida”, said Lively.
“And dealing with her when she was a baby made me decide that I wanted to be in medicine. She’s probably my favorite person in the entire world.”

Lively’s supervisor, John Graham says her co-workers at EMSA are glad to have someone like Violet on their team.

“Well first of all EMSA is very lucky to have her. She’s been here seven years and has done great things from the time she started. She’s promoted up through the ranks.
Started as EMT, Paramedic and is now in training to be an alt FOS. Which is field Operations Supervisor. So we are very lucky to have her. Our patients are very lucky that
she’s on one of our trucks. And its an award well deserved.”

EMSA, Chief of Staff

KFOR partnered with Allegiance Credit Union to present Lively with recognition for her work.

“Allegiance rep On behalf of Allegiance credit union we would like to present Violet with this month’s proud to serve award. Not only has she chosen a profession where she serves others, she does it in her personal life too. We thank her for her contributions to our community.”

Allegiance CU, Director of Marketing

If you know a first-responder worthy of recognition, let us know.

Allegiance Credit Union sponsors this segment.

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