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GURTHIRE, Okla. (KFOR) — Meet Sgt. Anthony Gibbs.

He is the school resource officer for Guthrie Junior High and believes his line of work is more than a job.

“Personally,  I believe God calls you to certain things, and um, when you figure out what that is, go after it. I think I’ve got the dream job,” said Sergeant Anthony Gibbs, Guthrie Police Officer

One of Sgt. Gibbs’ biggest passions in life, is instilling the value of self-worth in the students around him.

“They are so valuable and being able to show them that on a daily basis and being able to have influence over that many people and to help them, mentor them along, that’s great,” said Gibbs.

He is a man of character, and no one knows that better than his wife Laura.

“He’s a genuine person and he cares very much about people, and he cares about them knowing that they have worth and that they have value and that they have purpose.,“ said Laura Gibbs

His pastor, Bill Williams says Sgt. Gibbs is more than authority figure, he’s a friend that sees the good in everybody.

“He sees beyond the behavior. He knows there’s a potential that many people miss in young people especially. He’s one that can see that, and it kind of comes from a place beyond man.,“ said Bill Williams, Pastor Guthrie Community Church.

Just one of the many reasons we think Sgt Gibbs deserves some credit for his amazing impact on his community.

 “Sergeant Gibbs, KFOR and Quail Creek Bank are honored to recognize you as the Proud To Serve recipient. Thank you so much for your service,” said Erin Batey, Chief Communications & Innovations officer Quail Creek Bank.

Quail Creek Bank also donated $500 to Sgt Gibbs, who then donated that to his charity that teaches kids the value of self-worth.

Proud to Serve is sponsored by Quail Creek Bank