OKLAHOMA CITY (KFOR) – A school resource officer is being recognized for all of the wonderful work he does.

Marty Rustvold is a school resource officer for Oklahoma City Public Schools.

“He sets the tone every single day for not just our department, for every school he steps in. He exemplifies what it means to be a school resource officer. He is fun. First and foremost, he’s firm and he’s fair. And that’s what we need in our district.” said Wayland Cubit, Director of Security, OKCPS.

Protecting students, faculty and staff is always a number one priority for Rustvold.

“My biggest thing is I like making those connections with the students, the staff. A lot of these students I can relate to from how I grew up, so it’s easy to make those connections.” Rustvold said.

Even going back to his military deployment in Afghanistan, he still formed a bond with the children to help them during a time of war.

“When I first met them and I started speaking to them in Pashto, they just lit up because they knew that I knew where they were coming from and the stuff that they’ve had to go through.”

Staff and students at OKCPS aren’t the only people appreciative of Rustvold’s work. He was recently recognized by the National Association of School Resource Officers for all that he does.

“It was awesome getting that award, representing not only Oklahoma City Public Schools, but District seven. I was was very good, very nice.” added Rustvold.

Now, sponsor of Proud To Serve, Quail Creek Bank and News 4 are pleased to recognize Marty Rustvold for his outstanding work.

“I don’t know a lot about school resource officers, but I know that they’re extremely important, particularly in the last five years. You hear all the things going on in our schools. And to have somebody like him, who’s relatable, yet firm and gets the job done. Great guy.” said Erin Batey, Chief Communications & Innovation Officer, Quail Creek Bank

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