“Sgt. Reagor is very dedicated to what he does,” Oklahoma City police officer, K9 serving community together 

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Meet Police Master Sergeant Kevin Reagor and Nick the K9: An Oklahoma City police officer and his four-legged partner. Their work can be difficult and dangerous, but together, they make a great team.

Sergeant Reagor is a 27-year veteran with the Oklahoma City Police Department. He loves police work and wants everyone to know a few things about police officers.

"They’re out there to do some good. We’re not out just to write tickets. Not out to put people in jail and we're out to make a meaningful cause in the city," he told News 4.

He works with his young, four-legged partner named Nick, and they’ve formed a strong bond.

Nick is 19 months old and from Slovakia. He's going to be a patrol and explosive K9.

Deputy Chief Wade Gourley says Seargent Reagor does a lot of work not everyone has a chance to see.

"What I think a lot people don’t realize about Sgt. Reagor and K9 officers is how much time they have to invest in order to do this because they don’t just have a job where they go home and turn it off, and be on days off. The dog is with them all the time and continually bonding and training, and they also train as a group once a week as well. Sgt. Reagor is very dedicated to what he does."

Seargent Reagor is also proud to say that his son was accepted to the police academy and will soon begin training to become an Oklahoma City police officer.

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