The NEW Rules of LOCAL Advertising…Driving Results in a 4-Screen World

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As part of our commitment to you, we invite you to attend a special seminar with marketing expert Tom Ray:

“The NEW Rules of LOCAL Advertising…Driving Results in a 4-Screen World”

The seminars will be held on March 9, 2017, limited seating available and RSVP required.

  • 8:30am – 10:00am Continental Breakfast served, or
  • 12:00pm – 1:30pm Lunch served

Location: Tower Hotel, 3233 NW Expressway, Oklahoma City

Our seminar leader is Tom Ray, Executive Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates.  Tom has conducted seminars for marketing and advertising groups and consulted with thousands of businesses across the United States.  Tom will share powerful marketing strategies that will help you grow market share and get better results from your advertising.

Using just one of JD&A’s techniques, we increased our results 33% in the first 3 months.  We’ve changed nothing else about our marketing and, last year, we nearly doubled our inquiry calls.”

– Jerry Schmidt, Serenity Lane Health Services, Eugene, OR

“I feel like I just earned my Master’s degree in Marketing!”

– a recent attendee at a Tom Ray seminar

This program is not a sales pitch for our TV station.  In fact, Tom’s material is relevant no matter where you advertise.  Our goal is to give you marketing information that can grow your business.  NO selling of any kind will occur.

Seating for these seminars is limited.  To reserve your place, please call (405) 478-6250.

About Tom Ray

Tom Ray is Executive Vice President of Jim Doyle & Associates

A perennial favorite speaker at the National Association of Broadcasters conferences, Tom has been introduced as, “the premier television sales trainer in the country…” NAB’s Madelyn Bonnot Griffin says, “Tom’s presentations always combine practical best practices balanced by creative strategy that improves traditional thinking.”

Tom brings over 30 years of LOCAL media experience to your team. From radio, to broadcast and cable television, to 5 years in Internet development and marketing, Tom’s diverse background gives him a unique perspective on driving results for the LOCAL advertiser.

For the past decade, Tom has traveled the country 25+ weeks a year, helping sales teams and advertisers discover what works… and what doesn’t… in local advertising.

Whether it’s at the NAB, a State Broadcasters Association event or in front of a group of local advertisers, Tom delivers thought-provoking content in his high energy persona. Here’s what business owners around the country say about Tom’s signature presentation, “The NEW Rules of LOCAL Advertising – Driving Results in a Four Screen World”:

  • “Very good material – well presented – clear & powerful – well-timed for today’s environment.”
  • “Highly instructive – everything presented was quite relative to me as a local businessperson”
  • “Gave us a lot to think about – possibly helped to rethink our marketing.”
  • “Tom was incredibly charismatic and knowledgeable. The presentation brought up great questions and gave me some awesome new ideas.”
  • “I’ve sat through a lot of seminars and marketing courses and this was phenomenal!”

Tom is a featured presenter on the Jim Doyle & Associates acclaimed television sales training product, TVSales.101™, and the creative enhancement series, The ADvantage™.

Tom lives in Sarasota, Florida with his wife of 25 years and their four sons. He enjoys fishing and playing guitar.

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