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Have you ever made a purchase of an item that was just too big to for your vehicle? Maybe you bought a pool table and you’re driving a Dodge Neon. You’re not going to get that in your Dodge Neon. So what do you do? We’ve got the answer! A company new to Oklahoma called FlasHOLR. Much like Uber transports people, FlasHOLR transports merchandise.

The owner of FlasHOLR is Haifeng Jiang who joined up for an interview on Today in Oklahoma with Jack Elliott.

More about FlasHOLR

“Sending your items from one place to another has taken another turn.”

Renting a pickup truck in Oklahoma is never as easy as it might seem. You need to book it, then go to the truck rental facility to it pick up. Afterwards, you will have to fill out several rental documentations. And still, you have to drive and do hauling work by yourself. Then, after using it, you will have to return the vehicle back to the rental facility. At the end of the day, you probably pay more than you thought. FlasHOLR makes traditional pickup truck or other big cargo vehicle rentals as cool as hailing a cab. Rather than renting a pickup truck in old-fashioned way, you can use the FlasHOLR app to book a pickup truck, van, or trailer with or without Hero helpers to help you load, deliver and unload your large items.

FlasHOLR App is simple to use and is largely being used in the logistic sector due to its numerous advantages, which are lacking in the usual method of booking a pickup truck, van or any big cargo vehicles in Oklahoma. Unlike traditional truck booking where movers truck rental in Oklahoma is a bit chaotic thing, online truck booking is a flawless affair.

FlasHOLR app connects people who need service with people who own a big cargo vehicle, pickup, tow truck, or trailer within 30-mile radius.

Several features and benefits of booking hauling service through FlasHOLR app:


Using the FlasHOLR app, the service charges are counted by the mile, just like ride-sharing platforms, with no minimum fee.  You can add a request for labor through FlasHOLR. Labor charges are calculated by the minute, not by the hour, so the app is very budget friendly.


FlasHOLR app is free to download and install. Simply signup and login using your basic details, you can find service you need. For pickup truck rental, you will have to choose On-Demand Hauling service. Before booking, you can get the fare estimate for free by simply entering the pickup and drop-off locations, and if you need labor or not. If you satisfy with the fare, then you can place the order.


Renting the pickup truck for hauling with FlasHOLR app, you have flexibility to choose renting pickup truck only or with helper. If you have your own helper at the pickup or drop-off location, renting only vehicle probably the better option for you. However, you do not have any helper in any other side, then request vehicle with labor could be better option.


FlasHOLR app embeds smart map to calculate the shortest distance between pickup and drop-off locations. It helps save you some budget on the distance-fare fee. With same smart map, you can track the driver real-time location thus you can anticipate the ETA (estimated arrival time) at locations. This feature brings great transparency to the table.


Either you need the service within 1-2 hours or next couple days ahead, you have flexibility to choose based on your own schedule. Both you and drivers will get alerts and notifications when the booking time is at near.


When you order vehicle with Hero Helper, you don’t have to worry being overcharged by roundup hour. The labor charge is calculated by the minute not by the hour. And to calculate the labor charge, the app embeds timer that can start ticking whenever the Hero Helpers start loading or unloading and stop when they stop working.


Every hauling order is protected. FlasHOLR provides up to $300/trip for damage protection. Rest assured, you can sit down and relax because FlasHOLR cover it

FlasHOLR customer service are online through Text 405-215-8819 or Whatapps 405-531-0899. If you cannot find any drivers within 30-mile radius, customer service will help to connect you with drivers outside radius.

Business Information:
Customer Service: Text 405-215-8819 or Whatapps 405-531-0899

Haul it.  Tow it.  Deliver it.

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