“Welcome to Today in Oklahoma. I’m Jack Elliott and today we’re outdoors all for a good reason. We’re going to talk about wood. Typically the wood around your doors, your windows, maybe your siding, and how the weather in Oklahoma can sure affect that wood. Over the years the weather can end up making your wood rot.”

“With me today is the founder of the company called Preserve. This is Ty McBride. Ty give us an answer or at least help us figure out what to do with this wood that’s starting to rot.” said Jack.

“Rot can be really inconvenient on the outside of your house.” replied Ty. “It can also be damaging the inside of your house, the frame and different things as that water is able to seep through that rot. And renovation projects cost a lot of money, they take forever to do, and they’re really inconvenient.”

Wood windows and doors can cost thousands of dollars to replace.

Watch the video above and discover how Preserve can repair your wood rot in windows, doors and siding at 10% of the cost replacement!

Call Ty McBride at 405-546-9627 for an appointment to check out your home!

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