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Welcome to Today in Oklahoma hosted by Jack Elliott.

In this segment of Today in Oklahoma, Jack visits with Audra Plummer who serves as the Head of School at the Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy. The academy, known as OVCA, has a notable history of 15 years in the state. It operates as a virtual school catering to students from kindergarten through twelfth grade. OVCA’s unique approach combines online learning with offline materials, providing students a well-rounded educational experience akin to traditional schools.

Certified teachers, based in Oklahoma, facilitate academic growth and social interactions for students. The school creates a classroom-like setting for elementary students, including activities such as parties, outings, and dances, fostering both virtual and in-person camaraderie. OVCA focuses on personalized learning, accommodating diverse student strengths and areas for development to help them achieve their aspirations. Enrollment is conducted online via the OVCA K12 website, allowing students to join this public school without any tuition fees.

For more information and to enroll a student click here .

-Offer year-round enrollment

-Tuition-free public virtual K-12

-Call 866-467-0848