Fairweather fans? Experts find best fans in the NFL

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Across the country, you will find die-hard fans who are loyal to their teams.

However, some fans are better than others, according to a new study by Emory University.

Researchers studied fan behavior to determine which NFL teams actually had the most engaged and passionate fans.

According to SB Nation, Emory used 15 years worth of data on attendance, prices and revenues and compared it to team performance, median incomes and other factors.

Using those factors, experts determined that the Dallas Cowboys have the best fans in football.

After the Cowboys, the New England Patriots, New York Giants and Baltimore Ravens have some of the most passionate fan bases.

The study also says the Packers and Steelers have won more titles than anyone, but rank as the seventh and 14th best fan bases.

On the other hand, the Seattle Seahawks, who have been one of the NFL’s best teams in recent years, has the 26th best fan base.

However, critics say the study would be more accurate if you took prices out of the equation.

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