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There’s a football factory forming outside Oklahoma City at J.D. Runnel’s gym.

His latest gridiron undergrad is Blanchard’s Jamie Nance who captured a commitment to the Nebraska Cornhuskers on Saturday.

“I dreamed about this as a kid from watching college football on Saturdays,” Nance said.  “From a young age I just knew if I worked hard for it I knew it would come.  Here I am sitting here, talking about it and making it all come true.”

Runnels quickly caught on to the fact he was working with a receptive receiver.

“He listens, he looks to you and he actually gets the things that you’re trying to get across to him,” Runnels said.  “He tries to understand it.  He’s an awesome kid.”

When it comes to Nance’s new home north of here he didn’t take in any of the stereotypes that come with the college or area.

“Thinking when you’re going up to Nebraska that you’re going to be seeing a lot of cornfields, which you do, but once you enter Lincoln it’s incredible,” Nance said.  “The stadium’s unreal, 90,000 people.  The average kickoff is 70 degrees, and that’s what I like.”

As for the Cornhuskers classic clashes with the Sooners …

“I’ve been caught up on that,” Runnels said.  “About, say, two years ago I was told they used to be going at it.”

“If I have to go to Lincoln, and watch OU play Jamie deep down I’m going to be jumping up and down, but I can’t show that in front of all those people,” Runnels said.

The definition of trust is the belief, truth or reliability in something or someone, and that is what Nance put in Runnels when the Cornhusker commit first came to J.D.’s gym.

That’s paid off for both men in their journey so far as they’re beginning to accomplish their ambitions.

“Anybody can teach you drills,” Runnels said.  Anybody can teach you those types of things.  I try and mold my kids outside of that, teaching them about life.  And Jamie, there’s not many answers he needed to the test.”

“I’ll give him a ten out of ten,” Nance said.  “He’s a great dude.  He always took his time out, and he does it for other kids.  It’s a blessing that he can do that, and help kids get to the next level.”