“I don’t understand getting embarrassed,” Former Sooner Brian Bosworth calls for changes to OU’s coaching staff

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NORMAN, Okla. – While many Sooner fans are looking toward the Red River Rivalry to become a turning point in the season, one former star says it may be considered the “beginning of the end.”

“Speak for Yourself” hosted former Sooner star linebacker Brian Bosworth and former Texas quarterback Vince Young to discuss if changes need to be made in their alma maters’ programs.

Bosworth says that although Bob Stoops has had a remarkable career at Oklahoma, it may be time for a change.

“What we’re doing over the course of the last seven to eight years is we’re getting embarrassed in the bowl games and it weighs heavily on the alumni. It weighs heavily on the tradition. It weighs heavily on us as players because it’s unacceptable to go out there — I understand getting beat but I don’t understand getting embarrassed,” he said.

Bosworth says he believes the players are not giving it their all on the field when they feel like things are not in their favor.

During the show, he criticized the coaching staff for not energizing the players and pushing them farther.

Bosworth believes that the Big 12 has suffered over the last several years, slipping out of the spotlight as a power conference.

When asked if OU doesn’t finish the season strong, Bosworth says something needs to change.

“This game this week is a huge winning opportunity for us — for both clubs, as a matter of fact — but I think this is going to be that historic moment where both head coaches are going to look back at it and go, ‘Well, that was the beginning of the end,” he said.

Bosworth has received some flack on social media from Sooner fans, but he stands by his opinion, saying that “the tradition of greatness and excellence of Oklahoma Football is measured by the Championships won.”

“If you are satisfied w 1 title in 16 years.. year 2 with a 14 year drought about o be 15, along w the losses and the way we have lost, especially in the “Big Games” acceptable as our standard of excellence then let’s lower the bar down to the level of being a good program that teams don’t fear and at times get ‘blown off the field’! That’s not what Oklahoma Football has ever been about,” Bosworth said on Instagram.

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