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AUGUSTA, Ga. (WJBF)– 16-year-old Anna Davis is the youngest Augusta National Women’s Amateur champion to date, and she famously won wearing a bucket hat. Is the trend catching on at ANGC Golf Shop?

“I think it’s a great trend, right. I’ve had this one for a long time. It’s a little dirty, a little worn in, but it feels just right and I only wear it here,” patron Mark Albrecht said.

Quite a few patrons are sporting the bucket hat look at the National this year.

But bucket hats aren’t the only thing on patrons’ shopping lists.

“My wife wants a gnome,” patron Mike Merhoff said.

“I just wanted a golf shirt, T-shirt, a couple koozie gifts for my family and friends,” patron Brad Pins said.

“We came in today, got some hats, got some shirts, some things like that. A pullover for my wife so we’ve definitely spent our money at the gift shop,” patron John Shelton said.

Patrons say they’re excited to take their merch and memories back home with them.

“I got a Masters flag signed by Bubba Watson,” patron Ebony Saunders said.

“Well, it’s cold in Chicago during Masters so it’s always a pullover for merchandise,” patron Jeremy Moen said.

Some patrons changed into Masters gear right after buying it, so they could sport it at the tournament.