One and Done for Oklahoman’s in H-O-R-S-E


The first live sporting event since March 13, well okay, pre-taped, didn’t go well for the NBA players with state ties.

Trae Young squared off with NBA legend Chauncey Billups. Young got off to an excellent start in his drive way hitting three pointers, free throws, floaters. He even jumped out to an H-O-R lead over the former NBA champion. However, it was all downhill after that. Young ended up losing to Billups. The final shot was a three pointer from the top of the key off the backboard. Young was eliminated after spelling horse.

As for Chris Paul, he squared off with Allie Quigley of the Chicago Sky. The two provided perhaps the most fun out of their showdown. Quigley hit a shot sitting down from the elbow. Paul ended up missing his shot attempt on that one. However, his shining moment during the event was a one footed, back to the basket, one handed twisted shot that dropped. Quigley couldn’t hit her attempt on it. However, Quigley eliminated Paul with a simple three pointer he couldn’t get to drop. Paul lost horse to H-O-R.

A quick one and done for players with Oklahoma ties.

Paul did mention that the Thunder will hold a conference call Monday to check in. Also, as the NBAPA President, Paul stated the leagues biggest concern right now is everyone’s health. He added that the players miss the game and fans, just as much as they do.

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