Oklahoma State’s athletic department announced on Monday an ambitious and long-term plan to upgrade their athletic facilities that will cost an estimated $325 million.

OSU plans on upgrades and renovations to some facilities, and the building of new facilities as well, in several different sports.

It features a new football center, renovations on Boone Pickens Stadium, a new softball stadium that will be partially located on the site of Reynolds Stadium, an indoor track & field facility, a wrestling practice facility, basketball practice facilities, an equestrian centre, enhancements to Karsten Creek Golf Course, and a welcome plaza at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

OSU Athletic Director Chad Weiberg said the timeline on the completion of the projects will depend on when they get the funds to use to build and renovate the facilities.

Weiberg said, “Why should we believe this is possible? Because it has been done before. Taking football to the next level with Boone Pickens Stadium, raising the roof on Gallagher-Iba Arena, making it happen with O’Brate Stadium highlights a few of the many, and of course 52 NCAA national championships. For us to continue to achieve championship results, it is not the time to pause or rest on past accomplishments, but to honor those accomplishments by pushing forward and building upon what has been started. This vision plan provides a road map for the next phase of an athletics village that will be unrivaled in college sports.” 

By Brian Brinkley