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Mason Rudolph sang state’s alma mater on Saturday, tying Mike Gundy’s career quarterback win total.

Only after OSU snapped its streak of scoring 20 or more points in 36 straight games.

Good enough to once lead the country.

“There was just a lack of execution, and getting the ball to our playmakers in key situations” Mason Rudolph, OSU senior quarterback, said.  “I don’t know how many catches James had, but obviously we got to get the ball to him more, and then find ways to get it to him and run the ball more effectively in some situations.”

Mike Gundy was well aware that the roles were reversed for his Pokes’ program on Saturday.

Saying, the last six to eight years his defense couldn’t stop anybody only to have the offense save them.

“The text messages that I get all the time from all by buddies that I grew up with that don’t know anything is, ‘better score more than them,’” said Mike Gundy, OSU head football coach.  “’Better keep scoring.’  Really?  I know that.  The defense played their (expletive) off.  Period.  They won the dang game, and that’s what you take from it.  Is that ok the offense stumbled over their own feet, couldn’t make a play and the defense did.”

Mike Gundy said, there was no doubt in his mind that Ramon Richards would come down with the game winning interception.

The Cowboy coach said, he had all the faith in the world in the former high school quarterback coming down with the catch.

He then credited the Cowboy culture for producing the play that won the game.

“In our culture we stress that,” Ramon Richards, OSU senior safety, said.  “We don’t show frustration.  We don’t show fatigue.  We drop a pass, we miss field goals, miss a tackle we don’t show frustration.  We don’t show fatigue in the fourth quarter, and we never show fear.  That’s the Oklahoma State culture.”