ESPN’s Scott Van Pelt shared his congrats and gratitude for Neil Everett on Thursday after the longtime SportsCenter anchor announced that he was leaving the network after 23 years.

Van Pelt, who joined ESPN a year after Everett, is one of the network’s most popular SportsCenter anchors and serves as the solo host on the midnight version of the flagship show. 

“I love Neil Everett. There’s a ton more that could be said. None of it matters more than that. He’s just pure. Mahalo, always,” Van Pelt tweeted.

In addition to Van Pelt, Everett’s co-anchor Stan Verrett wrote a heartfelt message to his broadcast partner since 2009. The duo became mainstays on the L.A. edition of the show. Everett confirmed his departure from ESPN in a statement to Front Office Sports. The network is yet to comment on the move.

“ESPN changed my life, but now it is time for me to change my life,” Everett said. “Time to write a new chapter.”

The 61-year-old’s departure comes as Disney chief executive Bob Iger executes his plan to slash 7,000 jobs and $5.5 million in costs across the company, according to FOS.