This past week, The Athletic reported that Raiders quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo underwent surgery on his injured left foot after signing with the team in March. It appears as though the team knew about the foot issue before agreeing to sign the quarterback and addressed the situation in his contract.

The clause regarding the injury was necessary because Garoppolo did not pass his physical exam. Additionally, by signing the contract, Garoppolo agreed that he understands he is at a higher risk of increased injury to his left foot.

The clause means that he waives any responsibility the team or league would have relating to issues over his foot injury. The Raiders also have the ability to cut Garoppolo outright “for any reason related to the Waiver and Release attached as Addendum G,” according to Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio.

However, if Garoppolo is on the team’s roster two days after the team’s final game of the 2023 season, the clause becomes null and void.

Garoppolo’s injury is the same one that ended his 2022 season for the 49ers, as he broke his left foot against the Dolphins in Week 13.

The deal that the Raiders and Garoppolo agreed to was a three-year contract worth $67 million which included $34 million guaranteed.