Former UFC star Nate Diaz appears to be calling for a change of plans ahead of his boxing debut against Jake Paul in Dallas in response to a recent ruling from the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (TDLR).

In mid-May, Diaz, who’s a noted marijuana advocate and user, received word from the TDLR that his request for a marijuana exemption had been denied. The decision came as a result of the state of Texas having a zero-tolerance policy for THC, throwing a wrench into Diaz’s preparation for his Aug. 5 clash with the social media star at the American Airlines Center.

In a tweet Friday, Diaz appeared to express his desire for the bout to change venues due to his denied request.

“We gonna have to move states,” Diaz tweeted, along with a GIF of Homer Simpson disappearing into a cloud of smoke.

With the fight just over a month away, it’ll be fascinating to see whether Diaz and his team make a strong push for a new venue. Based on recent comments from Diaz’s camp, however, making a change could be out of the question.

Shortly after the TDLR’s ruling, Real Fight, Inc. President and Diaz manager Zach Rosenfield announced the 38-year-old will abide by all guidelines while working alongside the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association on pre-and post-fight drug testing.

“We will be working with VADA on testing prior to the fight and will be in compliance with all VADA rules, as well as the rules and regulations set forth by TDLR,” Rosenfield told High Times.

Both the TDLR and VADA are expected to subject Diaz and Paul to drug testing, which both fighters will need to pass in order to avoid facing a fine and/or suspension.