A 22-year-old junior varsity assistant girls basketball coach in Portsmouth, Va., was fired this week after she impersonated a 13-year-old player and appeared in a game, according to WAVY-TV.

The assistant coach, Arlisha Boykins, stepped in for one of the players on the Churchland High JV team who had to miss a game for a club game in a different league. Boykins then took the court against girls aged 13 to 15.

The player who was impersonated was unaware of the situation until after it occurred, and now she and her family want an apology from the school. The player plans to transfer to another school.

In the video below, Boykins is wearing the No. 1 jersey during the game.

The Churchland team has decided not to play the remainder of their season after the incident. The junior varsity head coach, along with the varsity head coach, both were fired as well. Sources told WAVY-TV that the varsity coach “encouraged the behavior” of Boykins.

The Portsmouth school district has opened an investigation into the incident.